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Blade 1936 is located at and named after Oceanside's original "Blade Tribune".

This historic building was utilized by the "Blade Tribune" from 1936-1963. 401 Seagaze Drive is included in the city of Oceanside's historical resources inventory, was designed by famed San Diego architect Irving Gill and famed as his very last design. 

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          A NEW "BLADE" EMERGES          

Blade 1936 was purchased in 2017 by the owner with an original intent to build real estate. Those plans were quickly changed when she became aware of the building's historical status. After carefully renovating the property to its original state, preserving its infrastructure and architecture, Blade was officially opened and began serving up fresh Italian cuisine on                                                                                 September 23rd, 2019. With Sicilian born executive chef                                                                       Angelo Traversa in the kitchen, Blade is home to authentic                                                                   classic Italian cuisine with modern twists including                                                                                 Neapolitan styled wood fire pizza, fresh pasta, original                                                                           recipe sauces and signature desserts. While continuing to                                                                     preserve the original architecture of the original Irving Gill                                                                  design,  inside the new Blade has also preserved old Italy,                                                                      boasting an open view of their custom-made Stefano Ferrara pizza brick oven, imported directly from Italy, to allow patrons to enjoy the experience of watching their pizzas being made with fresh ingredients right in front of their eyes.


Italian Custom Made Stefano Ferrara Pizza Oven at Blade 1936